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Serious violations at Bloomington’s Planned Parenthood

The following speech was given to the Bloomington City Council in June by CCFL board member Carole Canfield. You may or may not be aware that PP was visited by the IN State Dept of Health on December 18, 2014, for the purposes of conducting a licensure survey. In that survey several serious violations were found: To name a few: # – Patient Records were stored improperly and not as required. They were to be in cabinets, locked, and not in file boxes on top of cabinets, under sprinkler systems as was found. In addition, they were in an area accessible to anyone, via two unlocked doors on the basement level, and no restriction from the first floor clinical areas was observed. Is THIS considered good for women? # – Patients’ vital signs were indicated as being taken AFTER the patient had been dismissed from the recovery room. How??? Many patients had NO vitals taken following the procedures. Is THIS considered good, safe health practice for women? # – Patients’ records were not c