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Funding Planned Parenthood has always been a farce

This was written by CCFL member Scott Tibbs As expected, Planned Parenthood was granted $7,500 on June 15 to pay for contraceptives, while All Options got several thousand dollars to pay for medical supplies for women. This is not surprising, but it is obvious that the city council has no interest in honestly justifying the handouts or responding to objections from the general public for how they spend our property tax dollars. Susan Sandberg claimed that the Hopkins grant package "checks off all the criteria points for the Jack Hopkins and we're very proud to put that forward for council's consideration this evening." That is false. Planned Parenthood has come to the city council year after year for 23 years for various grants. All Options has also come back for a handout year after year for several years, often for the same request. This does not meet the published guideline that funds should be for a one time expense. If the council feels that these funds justif