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County Council endorses a drastic increase in abortions

Note: This was written by CCFL board member Scott Tibbs, and represents his opinions, not necessarily those of Christian Citizens For Life. Despite the fact that abortions in the state of Indiana declined by 8.5% statewide from 2015 to 2016, the Planned Parenthood "clinic" in Bloomington performed 23.6% more abortions last year than the year before. Planned Parenthood murdered 822 babies in 2015, and then murdered 1,016 babies in 2016. The Monroe County Council is perfectly fine with this, again giving thousands of dollars forcibly confiscated from taxpayers to a wicked and bloodthirsty organization that is killing far more babies than before. We knew that the corporate welfare scheme was always going to pass by a 6-1 margin, so it was overkill for Planned Parenthood volunteers in their pink shirts to fill the council meeting room. I arrived early, and was quickly surrounded on all sides by PP volunteers. Why the show of force for a grant Planned Parenthood does not need,

Social service agencies funded

Here is the list of organizations funded by the Monroe County Council this week. Planned Parenthood murdered over 1000 babies in Bloomington last year, and All Options has a fund to help pay for those abortions. Check back tomorrow for CCFL president Scott Tibbs' report on the meeting. All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center — $3,200 Amethyst House — $3,500 Area 10 Agency on Aging — $1,940 Big Brothers, Big Sisters — $1,500 Bloomington Housing Authority — $1,750 Bloomington PRIDE — $2,760 Bloomington Society of St. Vincent de Paul — $3,830 Boys & Girls Clubs — $4,200 Catholic Charities of Bloomington — $2,820 Community Kitchen — $6,700 Girls Inc. — $3,180 Grace Center, Inc. — $2,600 Hannah Center, Inc. — $2,300 Health Department — $3,500 Hoosier Hills Food Bank — $5,340 Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry — $2,750 Indiana Recovery Alliance — $4,750 Interfaith Winter Shelter — $2,510 Lotus Education & Arts Foundation — $2,600 Middle Way House — $5,300 Monroe Cou

Planned Parenthood's application for corporate welfare

See Planned Parenthood's application for corporate welfare below:

Planned Parenthood should not get our tax money

Note: CCFL board member Scott Tibbs sent the following letter to the members of the Monroe County Council. Councilors, Can we please be done with the lie that abortion is a tiny part of what Planned Parenthood does? While abortion opponents are celebrating a steep overall drop in abortions statewide, that is not the case in Monroe County. There were 822 abortions in Monroe County in 2015. There were 1,016 abortions in Monroe County in 2016. That is a 23.6% increase. Overall, 194 more babies lost their lives in Monroe County last year than the year before. Furthermore, only 232 of the 1,016 abortions in Monroe County were performed on Monroe County women. Bloomington is the regional abortion mill for all of southern Indiana. The number of abortions is unprecedented. The largest number we have had since 2001 was 855 abortions in 2008, and 2016 leaves that number in the dust. On average, that is 19.5 abortions every week, just a few blocks south of the county courthouse. It is abunda

No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood!

On Tuesday, July 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the Monroe County Courthouse, the Monroe County Council will vote to give your tax money to Planned Parenthood. Please attend this meeting and tell the council we do not want to be forced to fund Bloomington's abortion mill! You can also e-mail the county council . See the agenda below:

Volunteers needed tomorrow!

Will you please join us for the Fourth of July Parade? Let's use this event to spread the pro-life message in Bloomington! We will be in the parking lot between Indiana and Dunn on the south side of Sixth Street. We need to have people there by 9 a.m.