Planned Parenthood should not get our tax money

Note: CCFL board member Scott Tibbs sent the following letter to the members of the Monroe County Council.


Can we please be done with the lie that abortion is a tiny part of what Planned Parenthood does?

While abortion opponents are celebrating a steep overall drop in abortions statewide, that is not the case in Monroe County. There were 822 abortions in Monroe County in 2015. There were 1,016 abortions in Monroe County in 2016. That is a 23.6% increase. Overall, 194 more babies lost their lives in Monroe County last year than the year before. Furthermore, only 232 of the 1,016 abortions in Monroe County were performed on Monroe County women. Bloomington is the regional abortion mill for all of southern Indiana.

The number of abortions is unprecedented. The largest number we have had since 2001 was 855 abortions in 2008, and 2016 leaves that number in the dust. On average, that is 19.5 abortions every week, just a few blocks south of the county courthouse. It is abundantly clear that abortion is a huge part of what the facility at 421 South College does. Abortion is now more of a part of their business than ever before.

This is why it is so offensive to pro-life taxpayers that you take our money by force and give it to an organization we find morally abominable. We hear a lot about abortion opponents forcing our morality on people, but the ones forcing their morality on others is the Monroe County Council. You decide for us that we will donate to charities of your choosing, regardless of what we think of those charities.

Please stop this madness. Please stop funding Planned Parenthood's operating budget. If you must distribute money to social service agencies, please direct our tax dollars to a more deserving organization that is not considered to be wicked and bloodthirsty by thousands of the constituents who pay your salary and health care benefits. Please show that you are truly pro-choice, rather than pro-abortion.

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