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County Council gives tax money to baby killers

Former CCFL president Scott Tibbs wrote this report on the July 23 Monroe County Council meeting. Twenty years ago, I wrote a letter to the Bloomington City Council opposing giving a grant to Planned Parenthood through city government's social services fund. I did not think I would still be fighting the same battle 20 years later, or that the corporate welfare would also be disbursed by the Monroe County Council. Yet that is where I was last week, imploring the county council not to give scarce resources to two organizations that very clearly do not need the money. After the first several people who spoke in public comment opposed the handouts, representatives from Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and "All Options" spoke in favor of the grants for PP and AO. None of them bothered to address a $500,000 budget surplus by All Options, or the $1.4 billion of total annual revenue of Planned Parenthood. None of the county councilors bothered to explain