Who we are

We are a group of Christians from many different churches in Bloomington and Southern Indiana. We come from various backgrounds and histories. We are bound together in our common desire to serve God by helping others who are affected by abortion and other sanctity of life issues.

We work primarily through education, community service and political action. We also have trained counselors who have had direct experience in these matters who seek to provide practical and spiritual help to those who are facing or currently live with the consequences of abortion.

Most of the active members of CCFL were former members of the Monroe County Right to Life in Bloomington Indiana – which was a pro-life group with the same commitments as the CCFL. The reason we organized with a new name is that we wanted to emphasize the Lordship of Christ and the reason for our work in defending the unborn, speaking out against abortion and in support of the sanctify of life.

If you want to help us, send a check to:

Christian Citizens For Life
PO Box 2043
Bloomington, IN, 47403

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