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665 dead babies, courtesy of All Options

All Options paid for 665 babies to be killed over the last two years. Their abortion fund increased dramatically over the course of three years. From All Options 2019 annual report: "Our Hoosier Abortion Fund gave $57,507 in funding to 251 clients in Indiana; a 47% increase in people served since last year!" From All Options 2020 annual report: "Our Hoosier Abortion Fund pledged $105,064 to help 414 people in Indiana access the abortion care they needed."

All Options application for corporate welfare

All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center has applied for more corporate welfare from the city's social services fund. AOPRC has a fund to pay for abortions. Tell the city council to reject this application! See the application below:

Jack Hopkins funding 2021

The Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee has begun the process of determining grants for 2021. Usually, Planned Parenthood applies for a handout. Here is the schedule , per the city website: APRIL 5th - APPLICATIONS DUE (Monday, must be received no later than 4:00 pm) APRIL 20th - Committee Application Review Meeting (Tuesday, 6:00pm) APRIL 29th - Agency Presentations (Thursday, 5:30pm) MAY 11th - Committee Pre-Allocation Meeting (Tuesday, 6:00pm) MAY 18th - Committee Allocation Hearing (Tuesday, 6:00pm) MAY 27th - Committee Debriefing Meeting (Thursday, 6:00pm) EARLY JUNE - Agencies Sign Funding Agreements JUNE 16th - Council Action on Committee Recommendations (Wednesday, 6:30pm) JUNE 22nd - HAND Technical Assistance for Grantees (Tuesday, 9:00am)