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Donate to CCFL online!

We're happy to announce that we now accept donations online! Donate here: Everything we do costs money, from the annual Rally for Life in January to the booth at the county fair and various promotional things. Any amount you give will help the work of opposing abortion. Nobody in CCFL takes any money for what we do, though our members have often paid out of their own pockets for CCFL's costs.

Help needed for 40 Days for Life

I get many people who ask, "Does it do any good to come and pray at an abortion facility?" And my response is always, "Oh, you bet it does!" I'm always so thankful when 40 Days for Life comes around because things happen there at the Bloomington Planned Parenthood. The whole atmosphere changes. You can palpably feel a lot of the darkness move out, replaced by the Love and Light of Christ. And as a result, lives are often saved as was the case this past Thursday. There were 2 WOMEN who didn't go through their scheduled abortion appointment and chose life for themselves and for their babies, praise God!!! On Thursday we also witnessed many women going into the Women's Care Center, which is right next door to PP. WCC tries to be the first stop for women facing a challenging pregnancy. . .before they even get to PP. There was one young lady, in particular, who had just left the care center and walked past us as we stood and prayed on the sidewalk.