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Rally for Life 2016

Note: This is the manuscript for the speech given by Rev. Stephen Baker of Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. This is not identical to the speech that Rev. Baker delivered at the rally, which you can see in full on our YouTube page. If you are here today—if you have taken the trouble and braved the cold and opened yourself to the derision of those driving by—then you are deeply aware that abortion is a great evil. It is, in fact, murder. Now, many who work for the end of abortion say it is not helpful to call abortion murder. They call that language inflammatory. They say we shouldn’t be so negative. They say we should focus on the well-being of the mother. Of course, we absolutely want to help the mother! We want to love her in the name of Jesus Christ. We want to offer her all the help we can. But failing or refusing to call abortion murder works against all of that. By refusing to call abortion murder is to cut off the two most effective tools we have in this fight