Jack Hopkins funding 2021

The Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee has begun the process of determining grants for 2021. Usually, Planned Parenthood applies for a handout. Here is the schedule, per the city website:

APRIL 5th - APPLICATIONS DUE (Monday, must be received no later than 4:00 pm)

APRIL 20th - Committee Application Review Meeting (Tuesday, 6:00pm)

APRIL 29th - Agency Presentations (Thursday, 5:30pm)

MAY 11th - Committee Pre-Allocation Meeting (Tuesday, 6:00pm)

MAY 18th - Committee Allocation Hearing (Tuesday, 6:00pm)

MAY 27th - Committee Debriefing Meeting (Thursday, 6:00pm)

EARLY JUNE - Agencies Sign Funding Agreements

JUNE 16th - Council Action on Committee Recommendations (Wednesday, 6:30pm)

JUNE 22nd - HAND Technical Assistance for Grantees (Tuesday, 9:00am)

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