County Council endorses a drastic increase in abortions

Note: This was written by CCFL board member Scott Tibbs, and represents his opinions, not necessarily those of Christian Citizens For Life.

Despite the fact that abortions in the state of Indiana declined by 8.5% statewide from 2015 to 2016, the Planned Parenthood "clinic" in Bloomington performed 23.6% more abortions last year than the year before. Planned Parenthood murdered 822 babies in 2015, and then murdered 1,016 babies in 2016. The Monroe County Council is perfectly fine with this, again giving thousands of dollars forcibly confiscated from taxpayers to a wicked and bloodthirsty organization that is killing far more babies than before.

We knew that the corporate welfare scheme was always going to pass by a 6-1 margin, so it was overkill for Planned Parenthood volunteers in their pink shirts to fill the council meeting room. I arrived early, and was quickly surrounded on all sides by PP volunteers. Why the show of force for a grant Planned Parenthood does not need, when the outcome was always a foregone conclusion? Because this is and always has been about a political endorsement for Planned Parenthood. This has never been about serving women.

What makes this even more loathsome is that $115,000.00 was distributed to social service agencies, but the total amount requested by social service agencies was $319,961.89. Does the county council really expect us to believe that of the $204,961.89 worth of requests that were denied, they could not find a more deserving organization to fund instead of an ultra-wealthy multinational corporation? Does the county council really think the people of Monroe County are that gullible?

The meeting took place at 5:30 p.m. Obviously, This is a problem. It is very difficult for most working people to get to a county council meeting within a half hour of getting out of work, and if they do they will find that the room is already packed with Planned Parenthood activists who have monopolized the seating. While the county council's 5:30 p.m. meeting time is an improvement over the 4:30 p.m. meeting time of years past, it still excludes too many taxpayers who pay the council's salary and health care benefits.

The process this year actually was predictable, which was shocking. (Think of how sad that is.) The county council has moved the vote all over the calendar in years past to hide it from the public. The most shameful vote was in 2012, when the council voted to fund Planned Parenthood two days after Christmas and the day after a blizzard. Say what you will about the city, but there is never any question what the timeline for the process will be. Hopefully this predictability will continue, but I have absolutely no trust that it will.

It is long past time for the county council to stop wasting taxpayer money to make a political endorsement of the local abortion mill, and insulting all of the organizations denied funding. If they must continue this wicked abuse of power, they need to be honest and honorable in the way they handle the grant process. At the very least, a predictable and transparent process should be expected.

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