IU should stop trafficking baby parts

This is an open letter to Indiana University president Michael McRobbie from CCFL member Scott Tibbs.

Mr. McRobbie,

I saw that Indiana University has been successful in getting the courts to strike down parts of Indiana’s ban on trafficking aborted baby parts. I am not writing you to argue the decision or the law. I am writing you about right and wrong.

Abortion is wrong. It is the extermination of an innocent human being made in the image of God. Scripture tells us that when the nation of Israel was burning their babies in sacrifice to the demon Molech, it was an act of such great evil that it never even entered into the mind of God that they would do this. In our nation, we murder over a million babies every year, a bloodshed that is far worse than the child sacrifice of ancient Israel and her pagan neighbors. Then we use the corpses of these murder victims for “scientific research.”

Worse yet, the bloodshed is growing in Indiana University’s back yard. There were 822 babies murdered by abortion in Monroe County in 2015, but 2016 was far worse with 1,016 babies murdered by abortion. That is a 23% increase during a year when abortions declined overall statewide by 8%. In this “progressive” community that features a prestigious institution of higher learning, we are murdering our own children at a shocking rate. Indiana University should not benefit from this bloodshed for “scientific research.”

Mr. McRobbie, you have a position of civil authority in a state university because God placed you there. (See Romans 13.) Jesus told Pilate that he would have no authority if it had not been given to him from God, and the same is true with your office. You should then honor God with the civil authority He gave you by putting an end to the abomination of trafficking aborted baby parts.

This May will be twenty years since I graduated from Indiana University. On May 9, I would love to be able to point to my Alma Mater while swelling with pride about how I.U. abandoned unethical, gruesome experiments on the remains of murder victims. I sincerely hope you can make that happen. Thank you for your time.

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